Home of the Kittens

There are some excellent perks to being a Desert Club Kitten! Including:
 - 60/40 split from parties booked (Kittens keep 60%!)
 - $100/wk room & board that is lifted if Kitten makes a certain amount that week.
 - Private, comfortable room that is lockable with a key (when you are out of the building).
 - 3 meals a day included with room & board. 
 - Social media usage and participation on forums is encouraged but not required.
 - 24/7 security protection. 
 - Relaxed, casual business environment with a less strict dress code. 

​Apply To Be A Kitten

Kittens must be 21+ to apply to The Desert Club.

Please Copy & Paste Into Message Box.

Name: Legal Full Name

Email: Valid Email Address

Subject: Please put Working Name/Application

Message: Please put the following information - Contact Phone Number

- Birth Date and Year

- Desired Stage Name

- Have You Worked In a Brothel Before?

- Available Start Date

- Why Do You Want To Be A Desert Kitten?

- Special Request

- Please Include 2 to 5 recent photos

Kitten Perks:

Application Instructions:

Becoming a Desert Club Kitten is easy!

Fill out the application below to the best of your ability.

For legal reasons, you must be at least 21 to work at the Desert Club.

There are many perks to being a Kitten - including free TV and plenty of storage, free Wifi through the whole building, and the ability to gain valuable experience and make money!

Best of all - with the design of the Desert Club, there are No Lineups!

Parlor is immediately accessible from all rooms with the parlor and bar being extremely comfortable to relax and socialize in.  

What are you waiting for? Come join the party!

Email contact@desertclubgirls.com if the form has any issues.