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Rules & Customer Conduct

Rules of Conduct

The owner and managers reserve the right to determine who is and isn't allowed to enter or remain on premises based on recommendations of security onsite or even the workers themselves. This determination can be made prior to an individual entering the property based on their prior communications with owners and staff or witnessed on public platforms. The Desert Club is a privately owned business and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who may pose a potential threat to the business and workers. The Desert Kittens are Independent Contractors and reserve their right to allow or refuse service to anyone without management interference if no monetary exchange is made or firm deals agreed upon. 

Destruction of any property of the Desert Club is prohibited including the individual property of staff and the Desert Kittens. Any destruction or destructive behaviors witnessed may result in immediate eviction off the premises and the individual no longer allowed on the property. Law enforcement may be made involved if threat or destruction is severe enough to warrant. 

The use of illegal and illicit substances is strictly prohibited in the building and on the property of the Desert Club. Any individuals seen using illicit or illegal substances will be evicted even if services have been rendered with no refund offered or issued and law enforcement may be called depending on the substance caught in possession and use. In the case of marijuana, which is legal in the State of Nevada under Medical Use license, those with said license may use outside of the Desert Club building and property only quietly and discreetly until recreational use is made legal by the state, the staff and management of the Desert Club reserves the right to control and limit use of marijuana and marijuana products on property. The sale and exchange of illegal and illicit substances is also not allowed anywhere within the vicinity of the Desert Club and those attempting to do so risk having law enforcement involved. This includes the illegal sale of otherwise legal substances such as prescription medications. 

The Desert Club has a good bar with various offerings of beers, wines, and hard liquors. However, alcohol intake will be monitored by staff. It is highly discouraged customers partake with the intent of full inebriation. Those deemed inebriated may be asked to turn their keys over to staff and rest in a private area until they are recovered enough to safely travel. Customers are asked to inform staff immediately if they feel ill and need assistance or feel too inebriated to safely leave the premises and will be taken care of accordingly and discreetly. Customers are asked that while purchasing drinks for the Desert Kittens is encouraged, doing so with the intent of inebriating them is not and their consumption throughout the day is watched carefully by management to avoid potential problems that may arise. 

Anyone entering the premises should treat all workers with respect and that the laws of the United States, state of Nevada, Lander County, and the city of Battle Mountain also apply on the property of the Desert Club. The Desert Kittens reserve the right to report what they perceive as harassment to security and management and proper action depending on the case will be taken. Unless the proper party is booked and paid for and conducted in the proper area customers are not permitted to touch or use derogatory language to the Desert Kittens without explicit permission given. This especially applies to touching any part of the body deemed sensitive regardless of the individual's manner of dress, alcohol intake, or customer's libido or alcohol intake.  Any conduct deemed by management to be inappropriate, harassment, or dangerous may result in the eviction off the premises.

If security and/or management is called upon during a party after one is booked and started, management deserves the right to end the party depending on the situation with no refund for services given. Depending on the severity of the incident the individual's information may be noted for management's use and the individual be asked to not return to the Desert Club or contact any of the workers. Law enforcement may also be called depending on severity of the situation that resulted in the interruption of the party. This is for the safety of the Desert Kittens, other staff, and other customers. 

Loitering or any behavior that could be perceived as stalking, especially of the Desert Kittens or other staff is prohibited. Law enforcement may be called on individuals deemed by management to be loitering on the property too long if asked to leave and the request is refused, or if behavior is exhibited that could be considered stalking and potentially dangerous. 

If after 60 minutes an individual is hanging out at the Desert Club and not either partaking in the bar services, socializing with, or engaging with one or more of the Desert Kittens in a party,the individual may be asked to either make a purchase, partake in a service, or leave the premises to open up availability for other potential customers. 60 minutes is plenty of time to decide on a beverage or if one or more of the Desert Kittens is worth spending one's time with to partake of services. As a "No Lineup" house, who usually require even less time to make a decision, we deem this to be more than fair.  Exceptions are made for Special Events arranged with the Desert Club in advance. 

The property of the Desert Club is not a public bathroom or waste treatment facility. Dispose of trash and recycling in the proper receptacles and if a toilet is needed please enter the building and ask for use of one. Do not utilize the outside of the property as a urinal or toilet and do not leave trash or other waste on the property. Law enforcement may be called on those seen littering on the property or engaging in public urination or indecent exposure. 

The phone line for The Desert Club is not a hotline, and the email addresses given to the Desert Kittens are not for engaging in sex chat either for free or the exchange of money. Prank calls to the phone line will be ignored and the number blocked and the Desert Kittens reserve the right to block the email addresses of anyone they feel may be harassing them and report the email addresses to management to make note of. 

Negotiations for the Desert Kittens' services, or "parties", can only be made in the designated rooms of the Desert Kittens. This means the discussion of prices for services cannot be discussed outside of the specified areas. This includes the main areas inside The Desert Club, any physical location outside the premises, verbally communicated over the phone, through text messages, through email communication, through public and private online forum correspondences, and even social media. Communicating the prices for services outside of the designated Negotiation areas is considered solicitation by the county and state of Nevada and therefore risks the Desert Kitten in particular and even the Desert Club as a whole of getting in legal trouble. Avoid this by only discussing prices in a Desert Kitten's specified room and then paying for the services with the verified cashier at the Desert Club.

While we respect the United States 2nd Amendment we ask that even those with Concealed Carry Permits to leave their firearms locked in their vehicles and not bring them on the premises of the Desert Club.

The Desert Club prides itself on its relaxed environment and overall vibe. We take great care in the treatment of our staff and Desert Kittens. To be able to keep this and the special perks and amenities we afford our staff, Kittens, and customers, we ask that anyone wishing to enter The Desert Club does not come with intent to cause harm nor perform any actions where the owner and management will have to change the policies.