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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Desert Club? Battle Mountain, Nevada. See our Contact Page for details!

What is The Desert Club? A legal bar, brothel, and provider of Adult Entertainment Services.

How Many Providers are at The Desert Club? The Desert Club can have three companions or "Desert Kittens" on shift at a time. See our Desert Kittens page to see who may be available now!  

How Can I Pay For Products and Services at The Desert Club? The Desert Club currently accepts cash in US currency and all major credit cards, including American Express. Payments can be made with the designated cashier. At this time we cannot take cheques.

Can I Tip Desert Kittens or give them a Gift? Kittens keep all tips and gifts given to them and you can leave tips and gifts with them directly in their rooms or with a member of staff with your detailed information for who your tip or gift is for. You can mail gifts directly to the business address with the name of the intended Desert Kitten as well. Monetary tips can be made remotely over the phone but currently Kittens cannot accept monetary tips online until an official system is integrated. 

What Services are offered at The Desert Club? We have a full bar and are a legal, licensed brothel, massage parlor, and Adult Entertainment facility. See our various Menus for Services and Drink Specials to learn more!

Are the Sexual Services Offered Legal? Yes. We are completely legal and licensed as are all Desert Kittens hired. All services offered are within what are legally allowed in Lander County and the State of Nevada. 

What is and isn't allowed at The Desert Club? We do have rules and codes of conduct we expect our staff and customers to follow. Especially when it comes to the services asked of our Desert Kittens and their treatment. You can find out more on our Rules and Codes of Conduct page. Any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact management.

Is there Security at The Desert Club? Absolutely. We have security in the physical sense, with people, as well as video and audio surveillance on the property in all the public areas. Inside the rooms of the Desert Kittens are emergency call buttons and other tools they are trained to utilize in case of emergency. 

How Private is The Desert Club? The privacy and discretion of our customers and Desert Kittens is extremely important to us. You will never be photographed without your explicit consent and information is only kept for legal records.  Surveillance recordings are kept by management and are only made available to law enforcement officials. We do not speak to press or anyone in media anywhere on property and Desert Kittens do not disclose any information about clients as part of their contract unless needed to for law enforcement purposes. 

Do you have any Black / Asian / Hispanic / Native / Mature / Young / Tattooed / Curvy / BBW / Petite / Transgender / etc* Providers? The Desert Club is non-discriminatory with our hiring when it comes to the Desert Kittens.  Who is on shift at the time is who is available at the time and the diversity of any given lineup is no reflection of the views of Desert Club's management, rather than who is coincidentally available to work during a specific time period. However, legally, all Desert Kittens must be at least 21 to work at The Desert Club because of the requirement to serve and handle alcoholic beverages. As such we cannot hire anyone under that age. But we do not discriminate based on appearance, age (so long as they are at least 21), race, ethnicity, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, gender presentation, weight, or anything superficial so long as they can meet the legal requirements by the county and state to be hired. 

Are you currently hiring Desert Kittens? We are always accepting Desert Kitten applications! Don't hesitate to apply now if you're curious. Applications are answered on a first come, first serve basis as management receives them. Applicants may be asked further questions through email or asked to do an interview over the phone or via Skype before being officially hired. For prospective Kittens not local to the Battle Mountain area or neighboring towns, management is able to assist in transportation to The Desert Club from Reno or Elko via Delta Airlines (and on a case by case basis - Las Vegas) so long as the individual can provide their own transportation to a designated pickup area. 

Is there transportation to The Desert Club for potential customers? You can call us at any time and we can recommend services near where you are currently offering the best rates and deals.  On a case by case basis transportation by a member of staff may be able to be arranged in advance. 
This in particular can be offered to a potential customer with a disability that hinders them greatly from access to other means of transportation. Do not hesitate to reach out and communicate your needs and we will do our best to help you. 

Is The Desert Club affiliated with Dennis Hof, Lance Gillman, or another well-known established legal brothel owner? Absolutely not. The Desert Club is 100% independently and privately owned. The owner of this business only owns and operates The Desert Club and does not work for nor represent anyone else. This is a purely independent rural facility in Battle Mountain unaffiliated with any other established brands or properties.